Immobili in Thailandia
Immobili in Thailandia Immobili in Thailandia
Finance from Developer
from 1,700,000 baht
Immobili in Thailandia: Pattaya, Hua Hin
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Immobili Pattaya
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Pattaya investment
Immobili in costruzione
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Offerte Speciali, Sconti:

Immobili in Thailandia: Appartamento Pattaya, 1 camere, 22.5 mq, 2,199,000 THB
Grand Solaire Noble
1 camere, Superficie 22.5 mq
2,199,000 THB
Immobili in Thailandia: Studio Pattaya, 0 camere, 25 mq, 2,231,000 THB
Dusit Grand Park 2
Studio, Superficie 25 mq
2,231,000 THB
Immobili in Thailandia: Appartamento Pattaya, 1 camere, 35 mq, 3,310,000 THB
Unixx South
1 camere, Superficie 35 mq
Piano - 22,  Vista mare
3,310,000 THB
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Each project comes with its own set of pros and cons.
Benefits of apartments by the developer:
• Payment installment options during the construction phase;
• Modern construction technologies and materials;
• State-of-the-art appliances and equipment in the apartment;
• Ergonomic and comfortable layout.

Immobili Pattaya
Immobili Hua Hin
Condomini in costruzione Pattaya
Immobili in costruzione Hua Hin
Case in costruzione Pattaya

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QuartiereTipo Tipo CamereSuperficieValutaPrezzo di vendita

Condomini Pattaya
Condomini max 1 mln.baht
Condomini min 1 mln.baht max 2 mln.baht
Condomini min 2 mln.baht max 3 mln.baht
Condomini min 3 mln.baht max 4mln.baht
Condomini min 4 mln.baht max 5 mln.baht
Condomini min 5 mln.baht max 6 mln.baht
Condomini min 6 mln.baht max 7 mln.baht
Condomini min 7 mln.baht max 8 mln.baht
Condomini min 8 mln.baht max 9 mln.baht
Condomini min 9 mln.baht
Case Pattaya
< 3.000.000 THB
3.000.001 - 5.000.000 THB
5.000.001 - 7.000.000 THB
7.000.001 - 10.000.000 THB
10.000.001 THB >
Pattaya Town House
Pattaya Town House
Oggetto Pattaya
Oggetto Pattaya

Case Pattaya, Tailandia - min 3.000.000 max 5.000.000 THB

Finance from Developer
from 1,700,000 baht

Pristine Park 3

Riviera Malibu

Grand Solaire Noble

Copacobana Coral Reef

Case min 3.000.000 max 5.000.000 THB, Vendita Pattaya Tailandia - Immobili in Thailandia Listing&Archive
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